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It's no secret that health and wellness in the workplace has become a top priority for any successful business.  Research shows time and time again that healthy workers are happy workers and healthy, happy workers are WAY more productive in the work place.  All work and no play can lead to lack of motivation, poor office morale, stress and tension amonngst co-workers, lower productivity, health issues and more.  All of these directly affect the overall success of your company.  BeachDig Corporate Team Building Events put the fun, vitality and positive energy back into your workplace.  Through customized activities, games and education we can put your company on the fast track to health, happiness and overall success. 

A Day at the Beach

A Day at the Beach is BeachDig's signature team building event focussed on revitalizing and re-energizing your place.  BeachDig will co-ordinate a day full of activities, exercises and education that will transform your entire team and inspire them to live and work better. 

Here are some of the things you can expect at your team building event:

Corporate Team Building Group Warm-Up1)  The Warm-Up:  The BeachDig team of coaches will lead you in a dynamic morning warm-up and stretching session to wake up the body and get you ready for the days activities.  While we're getting acclimated to the sand,  we'll be explaining how and why we are doing these specific exercises and stretches.  Not only will you feel the benefits, but you'll understand them too.  You'll discover how just learning to balance in the sand can be a challenging workout itself!
This session is always a huge hit and is guaranteed to get the blood flowing and sometimes the groans and the laughter too!



corporate group volleyball lessons2)  The Lessons:  Beach volleyball lessons from the pros!  BeachDig's staff of Professional Beach Volleyball players will split you up into teams to give you a crash course in beach volleyball. 
From serving to passing, setting and even spiking, you'll learn it all.  It's not as easy as it looks, but we'll get you and your team ready to compete for the company title and office bragging rights!
Here's is where you'll discover your teams strenghts and weaknesses and come up with a strategy together that will help you win the tournament.


Lunch break3)  Lunch-time Health and Wellness Workshop - During lunch break BeachDig's staff of trainers, doctors and nutrition experts will talk to your group about how to be more healthy in the workplace.  How and what to eat so you don't hit that energy crisis in the middle of the afternoon.  How to drop those few extra pounds that you just can't seem to get rid of. How to avoid and get rid of those tension headaches, or neck and pack pain you often get from working on a computer all day.  We'll show you some great, fast and easy exercises that you can do at the office to relieve stress, increase energy and lift your spirits.

corporate team building cheer4)  The Battle!!  After lunch it's tournament time.  Time to take all the lessons you learned in the morning session from your pro, and put them to the test.  Time for a little "friendly" competition amongst co-workers.  In your pre-assigned teams you'll compete in a beach volleyball tournament to see who takes home the company title of Kings and Queens of the Beach! 
Each team will have to work together to come up with a team name, a team cheer and a team strategy to take down their opponents.  Your BeachDig pros will be there coaching and supporting you all the way through.

5)  Closing Ceremony.   Prizes will be awarded to the winning team along with other awards for outstanding team building efforts that didn't result in the tournament championship!


Why Beach Volleyball?

Beach Volleyball is a fun sport that EVERYONE can play!  Even if the only exercise you've done in the last sixth months is the walk from your desk to the copy can do this!  For years we've been hosting all kinds of events with everyone from the 9 year old beginner to the 55 year old weekend warrior!   Because we're in the sand, it is easy on your joints and you get a great workout, no matter what level you are.  Beach Volleyball is a team sport that requires a tremendous amount of communication, strategy and combined team effort.  Co-workers are forced to work together, support each other, cheer for each other and come up with a strategy to beat their opponents!  
Add in the fresh ocean air and the sunshine and we've got the perfect recipe for a fun-filled team building event.


"A Day at the Beach" is the best investment you can make in your company!  Watch producivity soar, company morale improve dramatically and the health and wellness of your team become a company wide priority.


Get a customized plan and price quote for your team building day at the beach.  Email us today!



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