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Julie and Kayla commit to FSUJulie Brown and Kayla Joyce have been joined at the hip since they were toddlers.  Best friends for life the girls do everything together, including domiate as one of the best junior's beach volleyball teams in the country!

Both Julie and Kayla have been through their ups and downs and they vow to stay together through thick and thin.  They both had their hearts set on playing sand volleyball for FSU and that dream came true for both of them recently when they committed to play for the seminoles.

Residing in the Orlando area, the girls along with their families have been loyal members and supporters of Club Beach Dig for many years.  In the summer they practice with the CBD Olrando division two times per week and compete in tournaments all summer long.  In the 2011 Season they girls were on the podium every single time they competed, bringing home an array of silver and gold medals.   The duo even representing Team Florida at the USAV High Performance Championships in Hermosa California where they brought home another Silver medal.

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Benefits of Beach Volleyball


Everyone likes to watch beach volleyball because of the hot bodies and fast moves, but most don’t consider what it takes to play with the best. Beach volleyball is an incredible workout. Much like swimming, running on the sand provides natural resistance that works your body more than normal. Not surprisingly, to have one of those hot beach volleyball bodies, most people resort to spending a lot of time on the beach and playing a lot of volleyball.

Regular volleyball is a great workout, but add sand to the mix and you crank up the cardio as well as your heart rate by leaps and bounds. The beach has a tendency to almost grab you around the ankles and hold you as you try to move. The resistance you feel actually creates a natural and improved workout, whether you’re running on the beach or just walking from spot to spot, and certainly any time you play volleyball.
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Melanoma is no joke. This video is a MUST WATCH!
Dear 16 Year Old Me...

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Volleyball can be a very taxing sport on the shoulder joint. Although there are many muscle groups that come into play in terms of attacking, serving and setting, the deltoids, rhomboids and rotator cuff is one set of muscles that needs a great amount of attention.

Below are 4 exercises every volleyball player should add to their warm up or even strength training routine for healthy shoulders. Keep in mind these are tiny muscles and you do not need heavy weight if any weight. Body weight, water bottles, soup cans, 2.5 lb weights work just fine. Repititions of 10 and sets of 3 are standard for a warm up. If any of the exercises are painful, do not do them. Only push as far as your body will allow. Progressive strength gained over time is key.

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One local community member is leaving a legacy on the Florida State University women's volleyball program, while the other is hoping to start one of her own.

FSU has had the good fortune of having former Cardinal Gibbons High School star Jenna Romanelli on board the last four years. Come August, it will have Pompano Beach High School's Stephanie Pellitteri, a beach volleyball talent, in the mix.

The 22-year-old Romanelli, of Lighthouse Point, and the 18-year-old Deerfield Beach native Pellitteri have many common interests including a passion for volleyball.

While Romanelli can be considered the queen of the court for her stellar indoor play, Pellitteri can claim the moniker of queen of the beach for her outstanding play in that realm of the sport played along the oceanfront.

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