Benefits of Beach Volleyball

Benefits of Beach Volleyball


Everyone likes to watch beach volleyball because of the hot bodies and fast moves, but most don’t consider what it takes to play with the best. Beach volleyball is an incredible workout. Much like swimming, running on the sand provides natural resistance that works your body more than normal. Not surprisingly, to have one of those hot beach volleyball bodies, most people resort to spending a lot of time on the beach and playing a lot of volleyball.

Regular volleyball is a great workout, but add sand to the mix and you crank up the cardio as well as your heart rate by leaps and bounds. The beach has a tendency to almost grab you around the ankles and hold you as you try to move. The resistance you feel actually creates a natural and improved workout, whether you’re running on the beach or just walking from spot to spot, and certainly any time you play volleyball.

Playing defense in the sand is no easy task. It’s hard enough to slow down a ball moving at mach speed, but add the slow motion from the beach and you can forget about it. Training in the sand will help your speed and quickness while conditioning your body to move with explosiveness, something you’ll definitely need if you want to play beach volleyball. Jump train in the sand, run in the sand, and dive in the sand to prepare your body to work harder, and you’ll see the results even when you’re not at the beach.

If a beach body is your goal, then you can’t forget about nutrition. Beach volleyball is fun, but even more fun when you’re confident because you body looks great, and a great body generally starts with good nutrition. Taking a multivitamin will provide you with up to a couple dozen of your essential vitamins and minerals. The benefits of a multivitamin are pretty far reaching actually, and if you want a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, a multivitamin is certainly a good place to start.

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