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Beach Volleyball 101-A Rules and Lessons with Coach Cindy Phillips

beach volleyball 101A video
Beach Volleyball 101 is a two part series that explains some of the basic rules of beach volleyball and how it differs from the indoor game.

In this video Coach Cindy will address the commonly asked questions about the hand signals that are given in beach volleyball.  In beach volleyball the player who is not serving will be at the net giving their partner hand signals behind their back.   Cindy explains why we use those hand signals, what the hand signals mean, and how to when to use them. 

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beach volleyball 101-B videosBeach Volleyball 101-B is the second video in this series. 
In this video, Coach Cindy talks about the major rule differences between indoor volleyball and beach volleyball. 
Everything from the size of the court, to the stricter setting standards and more.  There are several important rule differences you will need to know if you want to take your indoor game to the sand!

Open hand tipping is not allowed on the beach!  Find out the reason why and what you need to do instead.

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Beach Conditioning for Volleyball Workout #1

beach volleyball workout videosBeach Conditioning for Volleyball is a two-part series of Coach Cindy's favorite conditioning exercises for beach volleyball.  These 45 minute workouts are packed with volleyball specific movements and are designed in a very challenging work to rest ratio format.If you are looking for a tough workout in the sand that will get you in great shape and incorporates sport specific movement this just might do the trick!

Keep in mind that Coach Cindy is not a certified strength and conditioning trainer.  After working with numerous top conditioning coaches throughout her career, this is a compilation of some of her favorite exercises.  They are not easy and you should always consult with your doctor and/or coach before you start.

 written instructions for you to download and print.

Beach Conditioning for Volleyball Workout #2

beach volleyball workout video #2Beach Conditioning for Volleyball Workout #2 is the second video in this two part series.  These workouts combine some of Coach Cindy's favorite volleyball specific exercises that she's learned over her career.

Workout #2 is a "sprint series" workout based on a specific distance not on time.  Feel free to adjust the rest times based on your fitness level.

Coach Cindy is not a certified trainer.  After receiving so many questions and requests about her sand training and workouts, she put these workouts together to show you some of her favorites.  Happy sprinting!

written instructions for you to download and print.

Karch Kiraly Joins Coach Cindy at Club BeachDig

karch kiraly beach volleyball videoCoach Cindy interviews the legend....Karch Kiraly, right before he surprises a group of young players in their first season of Club BeachDig.

Karch left his AVP tournament in Tampa, in which he was heading to the quarter finals the next morning, and drove to Siesta Key just to meet all the Club BeachDig kids!

What an awesome guy and such a great role model to all these young players who are just getting into the sport.

Thanks Karch for being such an amazing player, an inspiration and a role model to so many young players!

Club BeachDig Highlight Video

beach volleyball 101A video

Club BeachDig is the Nation's biggest and best Juniors Beach Volleyball Club.

Since 2007, Club BeachDig has grown from 40 players in Deerfield Beach, Fl to almost 400 players in over 8 different locations across the country.  You can find our club divisions all over Florida, in Minnesota and in San Diego, California.

This video is a highlight of some of our seasons over the past few years.  You can hear from players, coaches and parents about their experience with Club BeachDig and you will see for your self what all the hype is about!





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