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Dear Volleyball Player Friend,

My name is Cindy Phillips and over the past twelve years of playing professional volleyball I have had the opportunity to play against and learn from some the best volleyball players in the world.

I have also had the very unique experience of being a full time Beach Volleyball coach who has coached over a thousand different Beach Volleyball Players from professional men and women to young kids who are just getting started. I also currently run the largest beach volleyball club in the country with over 300 players in several different states.

However, this is not about me! This is about YOU and helping YOU become the ABSOLUTE best player you can be and show you a resource that can help you become a better player in a matter of hours.

You see my single greatest passion in life is Beach Volleyball. The game has taught me more about life than any other single activity I personally have ever participated in. It has challenged me, humbled me, inspired me, and through the sport I have grown both personally and professionally.

It has been my personal quest, of sorts, to share my passion for the sport and what I have learned over the years with others.

It is also amazing to see the growth of the sport over the past few years. From Misty and Kerri's Two Olympic Gold Medals to the sport now being an official college sport where young girls can now get sand volleyball scholarships.

In fact, if you have ever played the game at any level whether recreationally or professionally you probably have an understanding of how enjoyable it is. Likewise, if you are on this web page right now it is probably because you also have a desire to improve your skills and get better! So how do you get better quickly?

The Quickest Way to Improve your skills is not to play the game...

I know that headline may shock you, however it is the truth. You see so many younger players rush out to play the game without proper coaching and guidance and as a result form very bad habits that can take years to break. This can seriously hinder your growth as a player and that is why it is so VITALLY important to understand, see, and actually learn what the proper fundamentals early on in your development.

You can not build a skyscraper on a bad foundation. Likewise, you can't unlock YOUR TRUE potential as a player without proper fundamentals and a superior understanding of the strategy of the game itself.

The good news is it's NEVER TOO LATE to learn what most players never take the time to do.

It's not all about being tall and athletic

Being a great volleyball player actually has less to do with athleticism and height than most people think. In fact, I have seen tons of players who spend the time to become students of the game leap frog over other “more genetically” gifted players in a matter of months with the right guidance.

The problem is that most people never get the proper guidance. Think about this for a second and it will make sense. Most people are limited to the coaches that they know, live in their area, or that friends or family recommend. And if you are an amateur player you may have never even had a coaching session period. So as a result most players never unlock their true potential not because they aren’t as athletic as other players, but because they are extremely limited in the coaching they have received.

Well, now you have an opportunity to change all that through this Beach Volleyball DVD series, which will give you a competitive edge! Not only will you learn the proper fundamentals that are so critical, but you will also gain a much better understanding of the strategy within the game!

That's what developing a winning edge is all about

For years, both the professional players and kids that I coach, have been asking me to take all the knowledge of the game out of my head and put it an instructional video format. They, like almost every athlete I have ever met, want something that will give them an edge.

Whether you are trying to make your high school indoor team, an amateur or pro player entering tournaments, a weekend warrior, or just someone who is just tired of not being the best they can be…this DVD series is for you.

In just a few hours your knowledge of the game will improve, you will understand visually what needs to be fixed in the fundamentals of your game, and you will have a superior understanding of the strategy of the game.

I mean just imagine beating players who are currently better than you in just a few weeks or months without having to grow 3 inches, jump higher, or even train harder.

Charlie Luke Picture

"Cindy, you are the best! I can't thank you enough for helping improve my volleyball game. You not only taught me the fundamentals of the game, but also the strategy. It's the little things I learned from this DVD series and your coaching that have made all the difference in the world in my game.

I can now play competitively with guys that less than a year ago would have literally kicked my butt! I know I am a little too old to ever play at an elite level, but at least I have the skills now to play with just about anybody."

- Charlie Luke, San Diego, CA

Why you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to get better like I did

If that is the case then you are in the right place! As a player I have spent tens of thousands of dollars getting coached by some of the best coaches in the world just so I could compete at a higher level. As a coach I have coached everyone from beginners to elite players, and all athletes to some degree, want to improve their level of play!

You are also probably a lot like me in the fact that you would love to improve your skill level within the game.

purchase beach volleyball dvds

Who is this dvd series designed for

I designed this DVD series to not only teach beginners the fundamentals of the game, but also for more seasoned players who want to learn more about strategy within the sport. In fact, I have many professional player peers who have invested in this DVD series just to improve their game.

There are sections of each DVD for literally every level of player. For the beginners and intermediate players it is essential that you learn the proper fundamentals so you don't develop bad habits in the early stages of your development. This can severely limit your game and send you down the wrong path very easily if you don't pay attention.

In fact, I spend a lot of time going over body positioning and how much it affects your ball control and why it is so essential to the improvement within your game.

I also cover a lot of the strategy of the game for every level of player. This is where you will probably see the biggest strides in your game when you are done going through the series. When you have the right strategy, you know where to be on the court at all times, and you start to learn the tendencies of your opponent: all of which I teach in this series you will be amazed at how much it will improve your game.

Winning is fun, and if your anything like me you are always looking for a way to get better and that's exactly what this DVD series is all about.

Charlie Luke Picture

"As a pro beach volleyball player I would have absolutely killed to get my hands on these DVD's as I was coming up through the ranks. I see so many younger players that literally spend years developing and practicing with bad habits. It's sad when you don't get the right coaching you can literally be playing at 50% of your potential. This DVD series will help you not only live up to your potential, but also give you a significant competitive advantage over other players."

-Mike Morrison: Top #10 Ranked Men's Pro Player

so how is this going to help me improve in one weekend

The ABSOLUTE best way to learn the game is to break it down into phases. In the game there are six major phases you must master to become a complete player: serving, passing, setting, hitting, blocking, and defense. That is why I designed one DVD for each phase of the game where I cover not only the basic fundamentals, but also how you can quickly improve this area of your game. Likewise, I give you literally hundreds of little things you can do to improve within each of these phases.

DVD#1 - Serving

The Winning Edge - DVD #1 - Serving

On the first DVD I go into detail about serving fundamentals of the different type’s of serves players commonly use. I also go into the strategy behind serve placement and how to use the wind to your advantage when serving. After watching this DVD, you will surely add a few points to your game. Some of you will even start serving your opponents right off the court!



DVD#2 - Passing

The Winning Edge - DVD #2 - Passing

As you know passing and ball control is the key to having a potent offense. On this DVD you will learn how to handle any type of serve and more importantly the strategy behind where you want to pass in order to run your offense.



DVD#3 - Setting

The Winning Edge - DVD #3 - Setting

On this DVD you will learn the skill that is one of the most important and often the least practiced. You will learn not only the fundamentals of bump setting and hand setting, but also the strategy of how to set your partner properly based on their skill level, the type of offense your running, and your opponents blocking and defensive strategy.


DVD#4 - Hitting

The Winning Edge - DVD #4 - Hitting

This is the area of most people's game where I see the most bad habits. In fact, on this DVD you will learn how having the proper approach, arm swing, and vision can catapult a player from "Elmer Fudd" status to stud status where you are literally bouncing the balls off the sand.



DVD#5 - Blocking

The Winning Edge - DVD #5 - Blocking

On this DVD you will learn the fundamentals of how to block, but also more importantly how to read the other player to time your jump. I also reveal three killer tips that will turn even an average jumper into a killer force at the net. You also learn why most beginning players are better off not blocking and why you will win more games with this one technique!


DVD#6 - Defense

The Winning Edge - DVD #6 - Defense

Of all areas of the game this is probably the area of the game that can help you improve the fastest. So many people don't understand the strategy of proper defense and what areas of the court you should cover in what situations. After watching this you will surely add a few points to every game just by knowing where to be on the court.

Bonus Drills DVD covering what the pro's do when they train

DVDBonus - Drills

Bonus "Drills" DVD

Now if you are a coach or a player like me who is always looking for the best drills well we got you covered as well. I took some of my best drills that I have learned from some of the top professional coaches and some that I have developed, and included them in this DVD series.

Never will you have to go to the beach wondering what to do and how to get better? When you watch the Drills DVD you will understand how to improve the overall quality of your practices. And as you know the quality of your practices determines how you play.

What is the investment for the dvds

The investment is ONLY $97 for all seven DVD’s covering all areas of the game. For less than a cost of a nice dinner you can literally fix many bad habits you might be forming right now and gain a MUCH better understanding of the game. What took me literally twelve years to learn you can learn in a weekend. I have taken coaching courses, flown around the globe and invested tens of thousands of dollars to get coached by the best and have taken everything I have learned over the years and put it into this DVD series.

This DVD series is a once in a lifetime experience that you will benefit from for years to come. To get the DVD series mailed to you right away just click on the button below!

purchase beach volleyball dvds

Will indoor players benefit from these dvd's

Woman playing volleyball picture

Absolutely, most elite indoor players play beach volleyball during the summers and many transition from indoor to beach for their professional careers.

In fact, any experienced coach or volleyball player will tell you that playing beach makes you a better indoor player because you are training in the sand and you get SO MANY more touches on the ball then you ever do in the indoor game.

Many top indoor volleyball coaches encourage their players play beach during the summers because of this fact. Ball control is so important in the game of volleyball whether you are playing indoor or beach and all elite players know the importance of getting as many reps as you can.

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30 Day Money Back Ribbon

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will benefit from this DVD series that I am willing to let you try them out for 30 days 100% Risk Free. If for any reason if you are not completely satisfied you can return them at any time within 30 days and get a complete refund.

Start Improving Your Game Now!

Getting started is simple, just click on the "Add to Cart" button below and you will be taken to our 100% secure shopping cart where you can get your copy. Once you're done checking out the DVD's will be shipped to you right away.

When you make the decision RIGHT NOW to commit to becoming a better player I assure you this will be a monumental step in the right direction.

purchase beach volleyball dvds

Picture of Coach Cindy Phillips

I look forward to helping you improve your skills in beach volleyball and sincerely hope that you live up to your potential as a player. And remember always give back to younger players so the sport we love so much continues to prosper.

Coach Cindy Phillips

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